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June 15th, 2023

Supporting Language Sovereignty: The First Pillar of Languages 4

If there's one concept central to our work at Languages 4, it's Language Sovereignty. This concept, which might be new to some of our readers, is foundational to our language revitalization and preservation approach.

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August 10, 23

Stories that Shape Us: Narratives in Indigenous Language Revival

Language isn't just words strung together; it embodies stories, values, and histories that have shaped communities for generations. For Indigenous communities, these narratives are more than just tales; they are intrinsic to their identity and cultural fabric. In the effort to revive Indigenous languages, understanding and integrating these narratives is paramount.

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National Archives photo no. 127-MN-69889-B, https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/american-indian-code-talkers

National Archives photo no. 127-MN-69889-B | https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/american-indian-code-talkers

May 8, 2023

Two Generations (Grandpa & Grandson) reading, Languages 4 Generations

Languages 4 Generations™ | Cross-generational Communication Must Be a Top Priority

Languages 4™ is proud to introduce Languages 4 Generations™, a new initiative supporting Indigenous language reclamation. This innovative effort aims to help bridge the generational gap and empower communities to reclaim their heritage languages. Cross-generational communication will be a top priority for every project moving forward.

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August 24th, 2023

🌍Revitalize & Preserve with Languages 4™: Indigenous Language Reclamation

One hurdle consistently emerges in the quest to revitalize Indigenous and endangered languages: a limited pool of proficient speakers for authentic, enriching interaction. This challenge was the seed from which the Languages 4™ platform grew, aiming to nurture genuine communicators in spaces where traditional conversation avenues might be lacking.

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