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Languages 4 Core Values

L4 Sovereignty

Language Sovereignty

Languages 4™ supports total Community ownership, control, and all benefits of their linguistic heritage.

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Trustworthy on a dictionary page


Languages 4™ commits to fostering trust through transparent communication, realistic goals, and integrity in all our partnerships.

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Innovation - L4 Innovation VR


Languages 4™ is committed to improving the instruction of Indigenous Languages through innovation and research.

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Languages 4 Project Highlights

Unlock a world of possibilities with Languages 4™: where culture, technology, and innovation converge to create an immersive and accessible language learning adventure, anytime, anywhere.

Innovative Instructional Technology

L4 Projects utilize innovative stratgies and technologies to support language learning in the community, from Advanced Speech Recognition to Augmented Reality, to Gamification and Virtual Education.       

Languages 4 Media and Lessons on a Mobile Device and Laptop

When you need it, Where you need it

L4 Projects are cloud-based, multi-platform, and ready to meet your learners at home on their computers or while playing outside on their phones or tablets!

Authentic and Rich Media

L4 Projects showcase the heritage language with authentic documents, thousands of animated videos, and voice recordings speakers across the community with a range of proficiency,   profile, and generation.  Languages 4 projects greatly value local art, music, stories, and more that connect language and culture.          

What Are Languages 4?

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Comprehensive Language Platform

Classroom Management Tools

Student/Classroom Reports
Classroom Command Center

Streamline student data, communication, and classroom dynamics with our intuitive management tools.

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Tailored Assignments
Lesson Tailoring

Tailor curricula and deadlines to fit class goals with our flexible course management system.

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CMS Tools - Discrete Skill Tracking
Mastery & Management Hub

Advance linguistic mastery with integrated skill mapping and effective gradebook management.

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Learner Success Platform

Learning Portal - Pronunciation Perfection
Master Pronunciation with Advanced Speech Recognition

Voice your language proudly: Our tool sharpens pronunciation, boosting confidence.

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Learning Portal - Comprehensive Vocabulary
Heritage Learning at @Home with Printabls

Bond over learning with multi-generational materials—flashcards, worksheets, and more for @home learning.

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Learning Portal - Augmented Reality
Cultural Immersion With AR

Immerse in vibrant AR-enhanced lessons, connecting you to your community's heart with every image.

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Learning Portal - Conversational Fluency
Conversational Fluency Unlocked

Engage in authentic dialogues with speech recognition to boost fluency in real-life conversations.

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Speech Articulation - 3D Modeling
Mastering Sound Sculpting

Learn language nuances with 3D Modeling for sound articulation to naturalize  pronunciation.  

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Learning Portal - Authentic Culture
Your Heritage, Your Identity

Authentic documents bridge learners to their past, enriching every language lesson.

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Holistic Instructional Strategies

Versatile Academic Platforms
Versatile Academic Platforms

Adapt to traditional K12 & Higher Edu teaching scenarios, online or in-person, with L4 flexible classroom platforms.

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Learning Portal - Comprehensive Vocabulary
Cross-Generational Offline Learning Tools

Press to print: PDF educational tools for enriching home learning experiences across generations.

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Learning Portal - Conversational Fluency
"BUSY LIFE?" Learn Anytime, Anyplace

Embrace learning that fits your life—accessible on all devices, anytime.

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Speech Articulation - 3D Modeling
Group Learning Made Fun

Transform group learning with fun, gamified educational activities.

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